Wednesday, August 25, 2010

So's order time

So I got my first order today!! $81.70 before tax, I'm pretty happy with it - all decor elements items. The customer also loves the idea of handmade cards but admits she has zero patience and thinks she's not creative. I'm going to work on that! In the meantime she's ordered some Christmas cards from me and is talking about getting me to do her wedding invites!! (I offered to do up a kit for her if she wanted so that she was making them with a little help from me - save her a little cash as I wouldn't charge as much for the kits as for the full invite). I'm finalizing my new demo order, want to make sure I get everything I need without killing my bank account...I've cut my wishlist in half but I'm still over budget. I'm justifying my purchase by telling myself I've already got orders for $120 worth of cards and I'm scheduled for a craft fair in December and I made a little over $200 there last year....I should be able to at least break even (RIGHT)?!

So many pretty things....I want half the catty....I guess I just need to win the lotto :)

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